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Get Tan Free Bright Skin With Wild Organica Home Licorice & Orange Skin Brightening Face Pack

Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Pack

When it comes to our skincare routines, the face mask is one of the most important steps. And Today I am reviewing Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Pack. For my skincare, I really like to use authentic natural skincare products. In the long run, natural products always make a difference to our skin.

At present, most of us are working from home. But also our skin became tanned and dull in this humid and hot weather. That is why we need something that removes all dullness from our skin and will not harm our skin. And Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Pack is one of the best options for bright and clear skin. This skin brightening face mask is basically a scrub mask. That means you can use it as a mask and as well as also a scrub.

Keep on reading to know more about this skin-brightening scrub mask…

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About The Brand Wild Organica Home:

This is a homegrown Indian skin and hair care brand. They use natural and authentic ingredients for their products. Wild Organics Home takes utmost care in avoiding artificial preservatives, synthetic substances, colors, fillers, etc., right from the procurement of basic raw materials, processing the same till it finally reaches the shape of a product. They give us a wide range of good quality natural skincare and haircare products.

Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Pack - review

Basic Information Of  Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Mask:

Price – Rs. 530.00 for 50 grams of the product

Skin Type – Dull and tanned skin

Quantity – 50 gms

Suitable for – Both Men and Women

You Can Buy It From Here: www.wildorganicahome.com


Wild Organica Home brightening face pack comes in a metal container and it’s secure by the screw cap. Overall the packaging looks so nice. But if you do not open it carefully, then it is likely to fall on your body. Otherwise, I like the packaging of this face pack.

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Wild Organica Home Skin Brightening Face Pack

Wild Organic Home products are free from:

  1. Sulfate
  2. Paraben
  3. Silicone
  4. Harsh chemicals
  5. Artificial fragrance
  6. Cruelty-free
  7. 100% natural
  8. Vegan

What Brand Claims About This Wold Organica Home Brightening Face Pack:

Are you tired of having uneven, dull, and pigmented skin? Don’t worry. It is a common skin care issue that is caused by increased exposure to the sun, skin inflammation, hormonal issues, and age. World Organica Home brightening face pack has the goodness of 21 unique natural ingredients which fights blemishes, dark spots, dull skin and results in glowing and even skin tone

ingredients of wild organica home brightening face pack


Papaya, Orange Peel, Carrot, Manjistha, Lodhra, Bentonite Clay, Licorice, Baheda, Nutmeg, Mace, Amla, Red Rice, Neem, Fennel, Tulsi, Rose, Chickpeas, Barley, Bermuda Grass, Vetiver, Ananthamool.

Key Ingredients are: Orange and Licorice

Licorice – Liquorice or mulethi contains antioxidants that are soothing to the skin and also help to fight the early signs of aging. Also, licorice extract has natural skin-lightening properties.

Orange Peel – It has higher Vitamin C content than the orange itself. It aids in the production of collagen and elastin, which result in radiant and younger-looking skin. It unclogs pores, reduces blackheads, fades away acne scars and pigmentation marks.

How to Use:

Step 1

Wash your face with a gentle face wash as per your skin type.

Step 2

Take 1 tbsp of Wild Organica Home brightening face pack and mix it with Aloe Vera gel. And apply a generous layer of face mask on clean and dry face.

*But sometimes I mix this face pack with water. It also gives a good result to my face.

how to use--wild organica home brightening face pack

how to use wild organica home brightening face pack

Step 3

Keep it for 15 minutes, and after that scrub it before washes off.

Step 4

To get the best results, use it thrice a week.


Please do a patch test before using it.

how to use - wild organica home brightening face pack

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My Experience With The Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Pack:

I recently added this mask to my skincare routine and must say it is an amazing face pack for skin brightening. The texture of the Wild Organica Home brightening pack is powdery but very fine. It is a face scrub mask. You can use this as a mask and also apply it as a scrub. The colour of this face pack is dark maroonish brown. It smells just like normal Ayurvedic products.

As per the brand, this face mask works very well if you mixed it with aloe vera gel. But sometimes I make a paste with the help of water and apply it. Before applying this face mask I wash my face with a cleanser. Then I am applying it. Because it is a face scrub mask, that’s why it also removes dead skin cells very well. Actually, I am very impressed by the result of the Wild Organica Home brightening pack from the first use.

texture of wild organica home skin brightening face mask

This skin brightening face pack removes excess oil and makes the skin so bright. Your face looks so clean and fresh. The Wild Organica Home brightening face pack has a lot of good ingredients that give a healthy glow to my face. It has an orange peel powder that removes tan very well and licorice makes the skin brighter. Also, this skin brightening face mask has bentonite clay that controls excess oil secretion.

If you are someone who is lazy to do her own DIY skin brightening face mask. Then I would definitely suggest you go ahead and grab the Wild Organica Home Brightening Face Pack. It is one of the best natural face masks that you will find on the market right now for dull and tanned skin. Wild Organica Home brightening pack is worth buying.

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Applying wild organica home skin brightening face mask


  1. One of the important ingredients of this skin brightening face pack is the carrot (Beta Carotene) and which makes skin glowing.
  2. This natural tan removal face pack contains papaya. That reduces uneven skin tone, removes dead skin cells.
  3. Made up of all-natural ingredients.
  4. Makes skin bright and clear.
  5. Control excess oil secretion.
  6. It removes sun tan, dullness very well
  7. Budget-friendly


If you have very dry skin, It makes your face very dry. Then definitely apply toner and moisturizer after using this Wild Organica Home Brightening face pack. Otherwise, for me, it is a great product for beautiful bright skin.

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4.9/5

Have you tried this skin brightening face pack yet? What do you think? Share your experience in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to share it with your friends and family.

Hope the article was helpful, take care till next time and stay beautiful!!!


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