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Top 5 Refreshing & Cooling Affordable Facial Mist For The Summer

5 affordable facial mist for summer

Hot weather can affect our summer beauty routine. And facial mists are the main way to keep your skin fresh on an uncomfortably humid day. To look fresh and hydrated we need to add a hydrating facial mist for summer skincare routine.

Usually in summer I carry a small bottle of facial mist spray in my bag and use it to refresh my self and set my makeup. Even in summer if you like wearing makeup, a few sprays of facial mist are a great way to beat the heat and make makeup longlasting. Because nobody wants to look sweaty and doesn’t want to put their makeup meltdown from the face.

facial mist for summer

Also In this sweltering weather when we come from outside, our face looks very dull and tired. Because of our imbalanced pH balance of the skin. For this, our skin feels sometimes dry or sometimes oily, dark, and patchy.  And it makes no difference after washing our face with a cleanser.
I wash my face by cleanser or micellar water but it looks the same as dull, tired. Even applying face-mask/face-pack doesn’t help me to get back the freshness. Facial mist spray is rich in essential oil and skin hydrating properties that get back to our skin freshness and feels the best this summer.

Here is the list of my top 5 Favorite Best Facial Mist For Summer:

1. Khadi Mint and Cucumber Face Spray:

khadi-mint-and-cucumber-facial mist-spray-review
khadi-mint-and-cucumber-facial mist-spray

Price: Rs 95/- for 100 ml of product

It cleans up pollution, dirt, oil from your face, and also prevents from acne, make your face fresh & cool. It is very affordable, but also very effective to control excess oil from the t-zone. If you use this before your makeup, then your makeup will be last longer. It’s the best facial mist for oily skin because it maintains pH balance and It does not dry out your skin, just make it soft, fresh, and cool.

2. The Natural Wash (TNW) Steam Distilled Rose (best facial mist for dry skin):

the natural wash rose water facial mist
the natural wash rosewater

Price: 250/- for 100 ml of product

Best facial mist for every skin type. Just try it, friends. It is an awesome product. I used rose water in my daily skincare regime. And this product just does it’s work very well. After cleansing pat dries your face use it directly on face or with some cotton, it gives hydration, nice glow, and also cleanses your face.

3. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nutri-Plenish Face mist:


Price: 360/- for 100ml of product

It also suits all skin types. It helps to replenish lost nutrients to your skin instantly! Plum has carefully solubilized grape seed and sea buckthorn oils to give you the nourishment and hydration minus the oiliness. Added aloe juice helps calm, sun-exposed skin.

4. WOW Skin Science Lavender & Rose Hydrating Face mist :

wow facial mist spray

Price: 499/- for 200 ml of product

A must-have facial mist spray for hot Indian summer. It also helps to reduce rashes, redness after waxing irritation. A multitasking product, it can be used as a makeup setting spray also as a facial mist. This would be suitable for any skin type.

5. Juicy Chemistry 100% Organic Aloe Vera & Lemon Water: (best facial mist for summer)

Juicy Chemistry 100 Organic Aloe Vera Lemon Water

Juicy Chemistry 100% Organic Aloe Vera & Lemon Water
Juicy Chemistry 100% Organic Aloe Vera & Lemon Water

Price: 500/- for 110 ml of product

Close your eyes and gently spray on face or wipe with cotton. It instantly refreshes you.  Feels good and I kinda like it more than any other facial mist. This is the best facial mist for sun-damaged and sensitive skin. This refreshing toner is also an effective cleanser and aids in removing dirt, makeup, and excess oil from clogged pores. It forms a protective layer on the skin and helps retain moisture without locking in the pollutants. It can be used as primer water.

Overall all products are very beneficial for the whole year, especially in summer. It gives you refreshments and cooling effects on your face. Also prevent your skin from sun damages like darkening, dullness, skin aging, black patches.

Let us know if you use any facial mist and what you think about them!

Thanks for reading:)


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