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The Natural Wash (TNW) Steam Distilled Rose Water Review

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Hellooooo Friends!!! I hope you all are good. Today I am really very excited today to review a product from the company “The Natural Wash” and the product is TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water.

Rosewater is a magic potion for all types of skin. It suits most of the skin types very well.  It is very hard not to find at least one rose water bottle, where skin takes some priority in an Indian houses. This is indispensable for everyone’s beauty regime. Rose water is the secret weapon of naturally hydrated glowing skin. But all rose water which are available in the market is not 100% natural and pure. We always need natural rose water for our skin. That’s why today I am reviewing The Natural Wash’s 100% STEAM DISTILLED ROSEWATER.

We all know the brand The Natural Wash (TNW) but some of us who do not know ,friends, TNW is an Indian company. They have the speciality in the category of personal care products. TNW use all-natural ingredients for there their products. They use our own Indian ancient Ayurveda recipes and technologies in a modern way to gives us a huge range of skincare, hair-care products within an affordable range. Our today’s review of Steam distillation is one of the ancient processes which is used by TNW to produce this rose water spray.

So friends lets scroll down for details…..

TNW steam distilled rose water

All About TNW-The Natural Wash Steam Distilled Rose Water:

TNW Steam Distilled Rosewater is a pure elixir for the skin. This non-toxic nectar of real roses helps to soothe and pamper the skin in many ways. It helps to give your skin a refreshing spray anytime a day, cleanses the skin pores and tones them up, too, at the same time. Other than that it is a good alternative to the alcohol-based makeup removers. It also works to wonder on the skin if you use it as a base for facial packs.

TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water

Key features of the TNW rose water spray:

  1. It is completely Alcohol-free
  2. Hydrating toner
  3. Maintains skin’s pH balance
  4. 100% natural
  5. No harmful chemicals
  6. Toxin-free
  7. Artificial fragrance-free
  8. Steam distillation techniques used to make it
  9. A complete vegan product
  10. Cruelty-free
  11. No artificial colour is used.

Price of The Natural Wash Rose Water: 

250/- for 100 ml of product

450/- for 200 ml of product

Shelf Life: 24 months from the manufacturing date

Suitable for: All skin types

TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water Price

Buying Link:, amazon

Key ingredients of TNW RoseWater:

Rose, Steam Distilled Water, Aqua

Packaging of this The Natural Wash Rose Water:

TNW steam distilled rose water comes in a beautiful light pink color cardboard box and some pictures of roses are drawn on the box. The actual product comes under the box. The rose water comes in a transparent plastic spray bottle and the nozzle of the bottle secure by a transparent plastic cap. The bottle is very beautiful and easy to carry. Easily you can carry in your bag any time, anywhere especially in summer. All details of the product are written on the box and as well as also on the bottle.

packaging of TNW Steam Distilled Rose water

How To Use Rose Water:

Spray the rose water a few times in a day and let it absorb in your skin. It can be used as a toner, makeup remover and as a base for TNW’s packs.

What TNW Claimed About Its Rose Water:

Reviving the ancient process of steam distillation to produce the rose water in its purest form, TNW employs the same technique to produce the distilled rose water which is as efficacious as the nectar for your body. It helps maintain healthy skin by removing the dead skin cells.

The Natural Wash (TNW) Distilled Rose Water
The Natural Wash (TNW) rose water

My Actual Experience After Using This TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water:

First time I am using any product from the house of The Natural Wash (TNW) and I must say I love this rose water. I use it in multiple ways like rose water works as a toner for me, facial mist and as well as also a makeup fixer.You guys can this rose water for acne . For my dry-combination skin, it works very well.

It’s smell is so so refreshing just like fresh roses. This rose water is transparent, it has no artificial colour and fragrance. TNW uses fresh roses which are directly picked from the field. In the past, I already used many drugstores to high-end brand’s rose water. But this one is now my current favorite. For the upcoming summer, it will be the most essential skin care product for me.

TNW claims that it removes makeup. But for me, it is not 100% true. It cleanses sweat, dirt, oil, and very light makeup. It can not cleanse waterproof or heavy makeup. But this is not an issue for me. I am obsessed with this The Natural Wash Steam Distilled Rose Water because it works so amazingly on my skin. For me, this rose water is a must-buy product and definitely, I recommend this to everyone. You can use it throughout the year without any hesitation.

TNW 100% natural Distilled rose water Spray

How I am using this TNW rose water?

After cleansing my face I spray this rose water directly on my face twice a day. It’s 2 to 3 pumps is enough for my whole face. I am using this rose water also as a makeup fixer. Trust me, friends, it works so well. Set your makeup so nicely and gives a natural glow. Also, I am using this TNW rose water along with the face pack.

What I Likes And Dislikes About this TNW Distilled Rose Water:


  1. Removes dirt, excess oil, sweat from the face
  2. Works well as a facial mist
  3. After using this rose water skin feels very refreshing
  4. It is affordable
  5. Suitable for all skin types
  6. You can use it throughout the year in any season
  7. Amazing smell
  8. You can use it also as a makeup fixer
  9. After applying immediately it makes your skin cool and gives freshness.
  10. It gives a soothing effect on irritated skin
  11. Cleanse pores very well and also minimizes the pore.

Tips: You can use this TNW 100% natural rose water to heel your skin after sun exposer. Then you store it in refrigerator and spray 2 to 3 pumps on face.

  • For me, it has no cons. But it only available online.

Overall My Opinion About This The Natural Wash Rose Water:

This TNW rose water easily gives the toughest competition to any high-end skincare brand. And also it available at a very affordable price.

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4.7/5

Can I repurchase and recommend this TNW Steam Distilled Rose Water Spray?

Yes definitely.

…sponsored product, But honest review based on my experience…

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