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Tie It Up Coffee Scrub For Face and Body I Coffee Scrub Benefits

coffee scrub benefits

Today I am discussing Tie It Up coffee scrub benefits for the face and body. One of the best authentic coffee scrub available in India. Tie It Up is a small Instagram store. They deliver us pure natural organic bath products in an affordable price range. It has become quite popular recently. It’s coffee face and body scrub is the best selling product. So I purchased Tie It Up pure coffee scrub for face and body.

Tie It Up coffee scrub I have been using for the past 2 weeks. After that now I am sharing my thoughts about this coffee scrub benefits, detail review, and see how was my experience with this Tie It Up coffee face and body scrub.

For most of us, the day does not start without a cup of hot coffee. Caffeine instantly boosts our energy and it’ aroma makes our mind cheerful. As like as when our skincare products are infused with coffee, then it also makes our skin more beautiful, flawless, and smooth. I am sure that you are going to fall in love with this super awesome coffee face and body scrub by Tie It Up.

Tie It Up coffee scrub for face and body

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About Tie It Up:

Tie it up is a homegrown brand that aspires to create a fusion between the traditional and the modern styles of self-pampering through its luxurious yet affordable bath products.

Where To Buy the Tie It Up Products?

They take orders by direct message (DM) on Instagram @TieItUp

The price of the Tie It Up Coffee Scrub is:  270/- for 100 gm of product

Use before 6 months from the manufacturing date

10 Tie It Up coffee scrub benefits

Packaging Of the Tie It Up Coffee Scrub For Face And Body:

With the enormous Tie It Up coffee scrub benefits its packaging also looks so classy and luxurious. The coffee face and body scrub from Tie It Up come in a beautiful glass jar with a golden colour lid. You can use this jar as a storage container for any kitchen essentials or you can use it as a small plant pot for home decoration.

packaging of tie it up coffee scrub

Tie It Up Coffee Scrub Benefits Of Face and Body:

  1. It is made with pure and organic coffee
  2. Help to get rid of tan, blackheads, dead skin cells
  3. Tie It Up coffee scrub beautifully detoxify the skin and gives a polished naturally glowing skin
  4. You can get an amazing glowing, smooth skin
  5. This coffee scrub for face and body maintain the skin hydration and makes it nourished, rejuvenated
  6. It also helps in reducing stretch marks, and cellulite from the body
  7. Caffeine is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It reduces free radicals from the skin and even out the skin tone. Also, lighten the dark patches from the knees and elbows
  8. Help to reduce puffiness of the eyes
  9. Coffee scrubs suitable for normal to oily skin
  10. Last but not the least, the tempting coffee aroma awakens you and gives your day a much-needed kick start

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texture of tie it up coffee face and body scrub

Key Ingredients Of Tie It Up Coffee Face and Body Scrub: 

Pure organic ground coffee, sugar, and caffeine

How To Use Coffee Face and Body Scrub:

Take enough quantity of this Tie It Up coffee scrub in the hand and apply it on the wet skin. O you can take it in a bowl and mixed it with water, then apply it to the face and body. Massage it in a circular motion on the skin. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and focus more on elbows, knees underarms, neck.

Rinse it with lukewarm water and post drying, apply some good moisturizer to smooth, and close the open pores.

how to use coffee scrub for face and body

My Actual Experience With Tie It Up Coffee Scrub For Face and Body:

Packaging wise, I am completely fascinated by this Tie It Up coffee scrub. Very classy and beautiful. The only downfall is it’s huge in size. And made with glass. But if you want to carry this then you can take it in a separate small container, that easily fits in your bag.

Come to the Tie It Up coffee scrub benefits and quality of the product. This is a super awesome product for naturally glowing and hydrated skin. The scrubbing granules of this coffee body scrub are perfect for body exfoliation. But if you use it in the face, then I suggest you massage it with a very light hand.  And those who have acne-prone sensitive skin, please avoid this scrub. Because of scrubbing particles of this coffee scrub is big and harsh for the face.

coffee sugar scrub benefits

I love this as a body exfoliator. It provides soft, smooth, supple skin. This scrub has a natural oil that helps you to make the skin hydrated and soft. Coffee also helps you to reduce cellulite from your body and remove dead skin cells very well. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

How I am using this Tie It Up Face and Body Scrub: 

I am using this coffee face and body scrub twice a week. And I take the scrub in a small plastic bowl with the help of a spoon. And mixed it with rose water or curd and then apply this scrub on my body. Rosewater/curd is totally optional. You can mix this body scrub with normal water. After that, I washed it with lukewarm water. I prefer to use it before my bath.

how i am use the coffee scrub for face and body

Final Word About Tie It Up Coffee Scrub Benefits for Face and Body:

I have used many coffee scrubs from renowned brands, but the result of this Tie It Up coffee scrub is absolutely amazing and that I seriously not expected. It makes the skin brighter and radiant with every use. This coffee scrub really gives a tough competition to the other brands. The scrub smells exactly like coffee that makes it a good choice for a coffee lover like me.

coffee scrub for face and body


  • Exfoliates skin & gently gets rid of dry and flaky skin cells
  • Minimizes and tightens pores
  • Removes tan and hydrates skin
  • Combat cellulite
  • Made from organic coffee beans, milk powder, and sugar


For me, the only con is its availability.

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4/5


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