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Smokey Eyes With Kajal Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

smokey eyes with kajal

After a long time, I am here with another eye makeup tutorial. For an upcoming festive season, this eye makeup look is very appropriate.

We all love to wear smokey eye makeup and the black smokey eye is the most popular and attractive eye makeup. In this coming festive occasion, you can easily carry black smokey eye makeup with any type of Indian or Western-Outfit and with every type of makeup look. But many of us face problems when they want to create this smokey eye makeup look. To reduce your struggle to create attractive smokey eye makeup, today I am sharing with you 10 easy steps, that you can easily create this makeup look by own. And also if you area makeup beginners then this makeup tutorial will be helpful for you. No need to be a makeup expert.

black smokey eye tutorial
how to do a black smokey eye

Tips: You can wear this black smokey eye with any nude or red lipstick according to your skin tone.

Products Are Needed To Create This Black Smokey Eye Makeup Look: 

We need only five products to create this look. The products are:

  1. Black Kajal / Gel Eyeliner (black)
  2. Concealer / Eye Primer
  3. Eye Brow Pencil /powder
  4. Black, Brown and Golden Eye Shadow
  5. Mascara
black smokey eyes with kajal
Main products to create the black smokey eye

Step By Step easy black smokey eye Tutorial :

Step 1: First you need to feel your eyebrows with the help of any brow product. Because eyebrow fills up is must in every makeup look. Proper eyebrow look enhance your look. Then clear the surrounding area of the eyebrow by any concealer. That gives you a sharp look of your eyebrows.

clear eye brow with help of the concealer

Step 2: In the next step prime your eyelid with concealer or eye shadow primer. It hides discolouration of your eyelids and also gives longevity to your eye makeup. And set it with any face powder to avoid creasing.

Step 3: After that apply any black kajal or black gel eyeliner on an eyelid. In this smokey eye makeup, kajal is the main base. In that step, there is no need for smooth stroke when you apply kajal or gel eyeliner. Because after that we blend it nicely on the eyelid with the help of a smudging brush.

applying kajal on eye lid

blend the kajal

Black smokey eyemakeup step1
After Blending the Kajal

Step 4: After blending the kajal on eyelid properly next take any brown eye shadow on a clean fluffy blending brush and blend it on crease line of eyes. Here in this eye makeup brown shade act as a transition colour. Blend very well because blending is the key step of any eye makeup.

apply brown eyeshadow on crease line
apply brown eyeshadow on the crease line

Step 5: Then take a flat brush and take any black eye shadow and apply it on blended kajal by tapping motion. Black eyeshadow set the kajal and more intensify the black colour of eye makeup.

apply black eyeshadow on eye lid
apply black eye shadow on the eyelid

Step 6: Again take some brown eye shadow and blend it on crease line with the help of a blending brush to avoid any harsh line of eye shadow on the crease line.

Step 7: Take some brown eye shadow and apply it on the lower lash line. And take some golden eye shadow and apply it on the inner corner of eyes and the brow bone.

again apply brown eye shadow on crease line

Step 8: After that apply black eyeliner do not do any wing. 

Step 9: Then apply some black kajal on the lower lashline and smudge it very well.

aply black eyeliner and kajal

Step 10: Last step is applying mascara. Mascara opens up your eyes and makes your eyes more attractive. Apply 2 to 3 coats of the mascara very well.

after applying mascara

Now your bold, classy black smokey eye makeup is ready. This is very simple to create. You just create this look with the help of this easy 10 steps.

smokey eyemakeup featured image
Smokey eyes with kajal step by step tutorial for beginners

I hope you will enjoy this easy step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial.



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