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Review of The Natural Wash Skin Fix D-Tan & D-Pigmentation Pack

Tnw SkinFix D-tan Pack

Tanning is one of the most common problems for us not only in summer but also in every season throughout the year. The soft sunshine of winter is a favorite of ours. So this time we are more likely to be in the sun. As a result, expose parts of our bodies became tanned and damaged. The sun-damaged skin is the main cause of pigmented skin and also increases the chances of early signs of aging.

To remove tanning and pigmentation, we apply various kinds of the tan pack for tan removal from drugstore to the high-end brand. But they do not fulfill our actual desire. That’s why today I am here to give you a true review of a face and bodypack whose daily use gives us a clear flawless, and bright skin. And the product is none other than TNW (The Natural Wash) SkinFix D-tan & D-pigmentation Pack for tan removal.

TNW D-tan pack price: 395/- for 120 gm of product

Detail Descriptio of The Natural Wash Skin Fix D-Tan & D-Pigmentation Packs:

Tnw SkinFix D-tan Pack review
TNW SkinFix D-tan Pack Review

TNW specifically produces this pack with numerous ingredients, which are all naturally processed to be the one-stop solution for your skin problems. It is a perfect blend of ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and flowers, directly handpicked from nature which can completely dive you into flora. This natural face pack is a powerhouse of nutrients that can be used all over the body and resolves multiple skin problems such as Tanning, Pigmentation, Acne Scars.

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Key Features of This TNW D Tan Pack:

  1. It helps to remove suntan, pigmentation, acne scars
  2. Gives soothing effect on irritated skin
  3. Gives natural flawless glow
  4. Effective on sensitive skin also
  5. Removes dead skin cells very well
  6. Maintains the skin’s natural hydration
  7. It has ayurvedic properties


The Natural Wash D-tan pack comes in a transparent plastic container. The container is very bulky and comes in a beautiful cardboard box. A black colour plastic cap secures the container of this d tan pack, and under the cap, the pack is covered by an aluminum foil.

tnw d-tan pack packaging

Key Ingredients:

Rice powder, Pomegranate peels, Almonds, Turmeric, Rose Sandalwood, Orange peels, Red lentils, Mint, Oatmeal, Neem

Texture: This TNW Skin Fix D-tan pack comes in powder form.

texture of the natural wash d tan pack

How To Use Tan Pack of TNW:

Take one spoon of the pack and mix it with two spoons of TNWs rose water and preserve the pack for at least 1-8 hours in the fridge in a covered container.

Now add the following ingredients according to your skin type.

– Normal to oily skin – grated tomato and lemon.

– Normal to dry skin – half spoon curd and lemon.

– Combination skin – grated tomato, curd, and lemon.

  • Apply it for 20-25 minutes

For better results, use 2-3 drops of almond oil after using the pack. For dead skin use twice a week. For blackheads and whiteheads removal, use every day for 15 days and twice a week thereafter.

My Verdict With TNW (The Natural Wash) SkinFix D-tan Pack:

First of all this TNW SkinFix pack for tan removal, is not just a face pack. You can use it as a bodypack, besides that it can be used on the underarms area also.  This d tan pack is very unique because of its using process as per company direction. It not just like a normal pack that you take it and directly apply on your face or any body parts. It needs to be stored 1 to 8 hours after mixing with TNW rose water in a covered container. Then you can mix ingredients according to your skin types. And after that you apply this tan removal face pack for 20-25 minutes on your face and whenever you want to apply this.

Trust me guys it works on suntan, dark patches. After the first application, you can feel the difference. But if you want the optimum result of this TNW SkinFix pack then use regularly as per company direction. It might be a bit time taking process but its result is amazing. Great product for summer, because summer and tanning of the skin are closely related to each other.

tnw pack

How I am using this The Natural Wash Tan Removal Face Pack:

According to my skin type(combination skin), I added tomato, Lemon juice, and curd to mix it up with this TNW D tan pack to apply on my face. You can use this tan removal face pack anywhere in your body. I am applying this pack on my underarms and also on my feet to removes dark patches. And it works pretty well. Girls go for it… It is a 100% natural organic d tan pack. Thank you The Natural Wash for such a nice product. It simply makes my skin bright and flawless.

After second use you can see the difference and I simply loved it.

How I am using this TNW D-tan pack on my combination skin
how I am using this TNWtan removal face pack
tnw d-tan pack
TNW d-tan pack
tnw d-tan pack for tan removal
After applying TNW face pack for tan removal

Likes and Dislikes Of This TNW SkinFix D-tan Pack: 


  1. This face pack for tan removal, remove suntan very well
  2. This d tan pack reduces dark patches from the skin
  3. You can use this pack not only on the face also on the whole body
  4. Exfoliate skin very well
  5. Regular use of this d tan pack removes whiteheads and blackheads also
  6. Comes at a pocket-friendly price
  7. Very luxurious packaging


  1. The container of this TNW SKIN FIX pack is very bulky in size. That’s why it is difficult to carry in the bag. If you want to carry it then pour into a small container that easily fits in your bag.
  2. This pack comes in a powder form. I like to use a readymade pack. If you have no problem with that then this is a great D-tan pack I have ever used.
  3. As per the direction to use this pack by the brand, in my opinion, it times taking process.

Can I repurchase and recommend this TNW SkinFix D-tan and D-pigmentation Pack?

Yes definitely…

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4.2/5

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…sponsored product, But honest review based on my experience…

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