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Nykaa Prep Me Up! Makeup Primer for Oil Free Long-lasting & Flawless Makeup I Review

nykaa prep me up makeup primer review

Recently, I decided to try a new face primer and after some research, I took Nykaa prep me up face primer a try. Frankly, I am not a primer lover, but I have been thinking of using a new primer for a long time. Already, I was using Blue Heaven and Colorbar primer and these are works very well on my dry to combination skin.

I really like that Nykaa as a brand is introducing some amazing products and they are very pocket friendly. Also good in terms of quality. Nykaa prep me up primer is one of them. After using, I feel how good this primer is.

Today in this blog, I’m going to share the Nykaa Prep Me Up primer review and I also did an application test. So I can exactly tell you everything in detail as much as possible. Let us get into the details.

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What’s Face Primer?

The face primer not only creates a silky-smooth, clear canvas to glide your makeup. It also helps your face and eye makeup stay all day long without creasing and fading. Makeup primer/face primer makes our makeup 100 times better, oil-free and long-lasting. Fa without any cream or liquid formula. That gives you a smooth surface primers come in a gel, cream, or liquid formula. That gives you a smooth surface without any large pores, dry-flaky patches on the skin or rough skin textures.

nykaa makep primer review

Types Of Face Primer:

There are two categories in the face primer. 1) Silicone-based makeup primer and 2) Water-based makeup primer.

Silicone-based makeup primer gives your face a matte and enormous smooth finish for base makeup. It controls oil better than a water-based face primer.

Water-based primer gives a more dewy, moisturized face. But it isn’t properly able to blur out skin imperfection.

nykaa prep me up face primer review

How does face primer work?

Face primer is one of the vital makeup products that give us a clear and super smooth face to apply foundation, concealer, and even also the eye makeup perfect and flawlessly. It prevents makeup from creasing, settles down into the creases (on the lip area, or under the eyes), or creates dry patches. And it does not make your base makeup cakey.

Nykaa Prep Me Up Face Primer Price: 499/- for 30 ml of product (pretty good price compare with its quality and quantity)

If you want to see this product from company site you can click here: Nykaa.com

Shelf Life: 2 years

Nykaa Prep Me Up Face Primer Price
Nykaa Prep Me Up Face Primer Price

What Nykaa Say About Their Prep Me Up Makeup Primer:

Prep your canvas (face) before you start with the art of makeup with Nykaa Prep Me Up Face Primer. This lightweight, non – greasy formula instantly blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines to create a flawless base.


  • It is a gel-type silicone-based makeup primer that is why nykaa primer for oily skin is a blessing
  • Enriched with vitamin E. That neutralizes free radicals and promotes healthier skin.
  • This is a paraben-free makeup primer
  • Cruelty-free, that means not tested on animal
  • It fills the large pores and fine lines, so makeup glides on the face flawlessly and smoothly
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gives a matte silky smooth finished complexion

Ingredients Of Nykaa Prep Me Up Primer :

  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Dimethicone Crosspolymer
  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • Phenoxyethanol.

ingredients of nykaa face primer

Packaging of Nykaa Prep Me Up Face Primer:

This time Nykaa has done a very girly packaging with its prep me up face primer. It comes in a white and pink paper box and some dotted textures are there on the entire box. All information about the makeup primer is written on the box. The actual primer comes in a white glossy plastic tube. The tube is secure by the flip-top cap and it is pink in color.

The outer packaging of this Nykaa Prep Me Up makeup primer is very beautiful and classy. But the tube is not looking good because of its glossy packaging. Otherwise, this Nykaa makeup primer is very handy and safe to carry.

packaging of nykaa makeup primer

Nykaa Face Primer How To Use:

How much face primer should I use that is the question arise at the time of face primer application. And the answer is – less is more when it comes to primers. Always apply a moisturizer before you apply the primer. Wait a few minutes for the primer to fill the pores and create a smooth complexion before you go to your foundation. The main aim of lightweight silicone-based makeup primer is to give the skin a smooth surface and minimizes the pores of the face.

Take a pea-sized amount and apply it on your skin before makeup application. Blend it outwards in gentle circular motions for a smooth finish.

Nykaa Prep Me Up Primer Review:

Like most silicone-based makeup primers the texture looks like a clear gel. The consistency is not too thick nor runny, It is in between. You can easily spread it and after applying Nykaa prep me up face primer it feels very smooth and silky on the skin. It will work on most of the skin types because of its oil-free and not dried out the skin.

This makeup primer has no smell that is great. Personally, I do not like scented makeup products.

texture of nykaa silicone based makeup primer
the texture of Nykaa prep me up silicone-based makeup primer

In India our super humid, sweaty climate, we need some extra protection to make our makeup long-lasting and oil-free. And Nykaa face primer does this job very perfectly. It controls the secretion of oil from oil glands of the face for hours. Along with this, it blurs out open pores noticeably and evens out our skin textures.

After applying Nykaa prep me up primer, truly it does make a difference. Makeup with and without primer are a ways apart. Regarding the claims, it definitely blurs pores and smoothens skin and I’m literally shaking with the texture of my skin after applying this. On my dry to combination, it works very well. Not make my skin dry nor oily. Also, do not break out my skin.

In the picture below you can see how actually the Nykaa makeup primer works.

demo of nykaa makeup primer
Application test of Nykaa makeup primer

This primer is a gel-like, which is great. It doesn’t leave any unnecessary colour on my complexion. It provides a good canvas for the rest of the makeup. It literally makes my makeup (foundation/concealer/BB/cc) looks much more flawless & smoother.

You may be a little disappointed with the amount of money you spend on this primer. But you only need a little bit so don’t bother with that. I don’t apply a full face every day, that is why I am happy with the quantity and the price of the product. You can throw away the outer packaging because every detail is given on the tube itself. Travel friendly and worth a try.

nykaa primer

Pros and Cons of Nykaa Prep Me Up Primer: 


  1. Lightweight silicon-based gel primer
  2. The Nykaa primer for oily skin is working as a savior from oiliness
  3. Blur out fine lines, wrinkles, textured skin
  4. Gives a matte finish canvas for base makeup. So it’s very good for oily/combination skin
  5. Ideal for all skin types
  6. Perfect for summer to get long-lasting makeup
  7. It feels silky smooth on the skin
  8. This primer has no fragrance, so it will be a blessing for people who don’t like scented makeup products
  9. Paraben-free formula
  10. Do not test on animal


  1. It would have been better if the packaging was a little better
Final words about Nykaa Prep me up primer:

If you’re looking for a good, affordable primer, then do grab this one and you’ll not regret it! It works great on all skin types! A very good primer according to its price.  It gives a perfect blend to your base makeup.


PrettifyOurself Rating: 4.6/5

What face primer is good for oily skin?

Here I am suggesting to you what face primer is good for oily skin. The list is in the below:

  1. Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Oil-Free Face Primer

  2. L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

  3. Nykaa Prep Me Up Primer
  4. Lakme Absolute Under Cover Gel Face Primer

  5. SUGAR The Most Eligiblur Smoothing Primer

Which face primer is good for dry skin?

Here I am suggesting to you which face primer is good for dry skin. The list is in the below:

  1. M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+

  2. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

  3. Colorbar Flawless Finish Primer

  4. Nykaa Prep Me Up Primer
  5. Max Factor Miracle Prep Illuminating & Hydrating Prime


You can share your experience in the comment section if you tried this Nykaa face primer or what is your favorite makeup primer. I love to hear your words.

Thanks for reading!!!!


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