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Pre Winter/Bridal Skin Care With Mcaffeine Body Polishing Kit I Best Body Spa at Home Under 1000 Rupees

features photo of mcaffeine body polishing kit

Winter is on our doorstep. This is a season-changing environment. In this pre-winter season, our skin lost its natural moisturizer which results in dry, flaky skin, a very common in this weather. That’s why we need some serious additional care for our skin. Not only during winter but also this skincare, you should be started from the early winter season.

A strict winter skincare routine is the key to naturally glowing and healthy skin. There are also many festivals and wedding functions (especially in India) that happen during this time, that’s why we need extra glowing skin. If you want to get naturally glowing skin with just only two easy steps then follow the winter skincare routine with Mcaffeine body polishing kit. A pocket-friendly best choice for me.

This year I am starting my pre-winter skincare with the Mcaffeine body polishing kit. This body polishing kit comes with a coffee body scrub and choco body butter. Usually, I use my own DIY homemade body scrub but this time I tried this Mcaffeine coffee body scrub. After exfoliation, you need to apply a good moisturizer to avoid skin dryness. And this time I thought I try a body butter from the house of Mcaffeine. Keep reading for more details explanation and my actual experience with this Mcaffeine coffee body scrub and Mcaffeine choco body butter.

mcaffeine body scrub and body butter

On my previous post already I am reviewing Mcaffeine’s coffee face wash and face scrub. You can check it.

All About Mcaffeine Body Polishing Kit:

Crafted with sheer brilliance, this routine is sure to give you the kind of skin you’ve always dreamt of. Deep moisturisation and nourishment for dull, dry skin, the two products; one in-shower and another one post-shower can get the desired sheen on your skin. Bid goodbye to tired skin, uneven skin tone & dryness. Loaded with Pure Arabica Coffee and Chocolate the mCaffeine Body Polishing Kit is here for giving you the ultimate bath experience.

You Can Buy From Here: Amazon, Nykaa,

Naked and Raw Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut:
A scrub crafted to polishes the skin and deep cleanses your pores so that your skin is smooth, glowing and breathes free. The perfectly sized raw coffee particles are very effective yet gentle on your skin. It targets not only the most exposed areas of the body but also those hidden problem areas where the skin is easily darkened and becomes rough.

mcaffeine coffee body scrub
mcaffeine coffee body scrub

Naked and Rich Choco Body Butter with Caramel:
With deep skin moisturisation, this Choco Body Butter will elevate your tired and dull skin keeping dryness, scars and uneven skin tone away. It’s ultra-rich Mineral Oil Free and Paraben Free formula gives you the best of intensive skincare and keeps the skin deeply moisturised.

mcaffeine choco body butter
mcaffeine choco body butter

Mcaffeine Body Polishing Kit Free From:

  1. SLS free
  2. Paraben-free
  3. Not tested on animals
  4. Silicone free
  5. FDA approved
  6. Dermatologically tested

Price of Body Scrub and Body Butter: 

Mcaffeine Body Scrub: 449.00 for 100 gm of product

Macaffeine Body Butter: 645.00 for 250 gm of product

Shelf Life: Both are used before 24 months from manufacturing date.

Ingredients Cofee Boody Scrub & Choco Body Butter:

  • Coffee Body Scrub:

body scrub ingredients

Key Ingredients: Pure Arabica Coffee, Caffeine, Coconut Oil

  • Choco Body Butter:


Key Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Vitamin E

Packaging of the mCaffeine Body Polishing Kit:

Both body scrub and body butter come in a cardboard box. But the colours of the cardboard box. But the colours of the cardboard boxes are slightly different from each other. One (body scrub) shiny black in colour and another one (body butter) is slightly brownish in colour.body scrub

Actual product comes under the box and also both containers are very large and made of thick glass, that makes it very classy and luxurious. And both are same in size but the product quantity is different.

body butter

A wooden spoon comes along with the Coffee Body Scrub. Personally I like this type of packaging concept because it makes the product more hygienic. Also, it prevents product wastage.

wooden spoon

How to Use Body Polishing Kit:

Step 1: On wet body apply the Naked and Raw Coffee Body Scrub to shoulders and spread it all over the upper body, re-apply on legs.

Step 2: Pat dry and follow with the application of Naked and Rich Choco Body Butter to soothe and close the open pores. Massage the body butter gently and let it get absorbed.

Step 3: Let your senses enjoy the aroma, smoothness, and sheen of your skin.

My Actual Experience With This Mcaffeine Body Polishing Kit (Coffee Body Scrub + Choco Body Butter):

Packaging wise, I am totally impressed with both of these products. Very classy and beautiful. The one downfall is it’s huge in size. And made with glass. But if you want to carry this then you can take it in a separate small container, that easily fits in your bag.

Come to the quality of the product. This is a super awesome product for naturally glowy and hydrated skin. The scrubbing granules of the Mcaffeine body scrub are perfect for body exfoliation. But if you use it in the face, then I suggest you massage it with a very light hand. Because of scrubbing particles of this coffee scrub is too harsh for the face. But I love this as a body exfoliator. It provides soft, smooth, supple skin. This scrub has coconut oil that helps you to make the skin hydrated and soft. Coffee also helps you to reduce cellulite from your body and remove dead skin cells very well.texture of body scrub

Personally, I love Mcaffeine’s Choco Body butter than its pure arabica coffee scrub just only for the smell of the body butter. It’s choco caramel mouth-watering smell I loved it. This smell stays all day long on my body. Its texture is very creamy and thick. But this body butter is not sticky on the skin. It absorbs very easily on the skin and gives a non-greasy naturally glowy moisturized skin. And this moisturized skin stays a very long time. For my super dry hands, it stays up to 6 hours. But after that, it needs reapplying. Besides that, it comes in a huge tub and for me, this body butter easily lasts 1 to 2 months.

texture of body butter

How I am using this Mcaffeine Body Scrub And Body Butter: 

I am using this Mcaffeine coffee body scrub every alternate day. And I take the scrub in a small separate plastic container with the help of the wooden spoon which comes along with the body scrub. And mixed it with rose water and then apply this scrub on my body. Rosewater is totally optional. You can mix this body scrub with normal water. After that, I washed it with lukewarm water. I used it before my bath.

Next, I pat dry my body and apply body butter very well. But I am using the Mcaffeine body butter every day after bath and before going to bed. Also, this body polishing kit removes tan from the skin. And gives you a polished glowy skin. It does not remove tan in one-night But if you use a regular basis, then you can see the result.

For me, this body polishing kit from Mcaffeine is a total win-win product. I definitely recommend it to everyone for their normal pre-winter or pre-bridal skincare.

Some more pictures of Mcaffeine Coffee body scrub and Choco body butter:

body scrub of mcaffeine

after applying body scrub
after applying body scrub
after applying body butter
after applying body butter

PrettifyOurself rating: 4.2/5

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