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IREM Vitamin C Serum Review I Benefits of Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

irem vitamin c serum for face with hyaluronic acid

With the numerous health benefits of Vitamin C, it plays a major role on our skin health. Before I start to talk about IREM vitamin C serum review, I would like to share some benefits of vitamin c serum for face.

When it comes to our delicate skin, the harmful rays of the sun and air impurities are unexpectedly very dangerous. Only there is a superhero skincare product Vitamin C Serum for face. That fight with the skin damages our skin.

Because of increasing air pollution, our excessive sun exposure, do not drink adequate water, these are the main cause of early aging, dullness of skin, irritation, redness, etc. That is the main reason, in recent years vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid has become a holy-grail product for skincare lovers.

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irem vitamin c serum for face

Tips: Before using any skincare product always you should do a patch test before full application. This is the only way to know that the product suits your skin or not.

Potential Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Face With Hyaluronic Acid:

Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, both of two are powerhouse skincare elements. They both deliver many benefits that can give your face a luminous glow and makes your skin healthier and softer. As great as each of these elements is on its own. You can get the best results when vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid comes together.

Hyaluronic acid is amazing in hydrating the skin as it can retain water in the skin cells. It secures our skin’s moistures and our face look plumper and nourished. When our skin is properly hydrated, it can decrease the appearance of the fine lines, rough-textured skin, large pores, and uneven skin tones on your face.

When vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid works well together and increases the anti-aging power of the serum. Both components are complementing each other and give us more moisturized, rejuvenated, brighten skin.

ingredients of irem vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid

How To Use Vitamin C Serum on the face In The Right Way?

Vitamin C helps protect your skin from pollution, ultraviolet light and free radicals, you are going to use it in the morning for better work. But you can also use it in the night time also. Vitamin C serums are the ones that can be applied as a base layer beneath any skincare product.

Step 1⇒ Wash your face with the cleanser properly

Step 2⇒ Apply toner

Step 3⇒ Apply vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid on face, and neck and do not rub. Just apply this in gently patting motion

Step 4⇒ Apply Sunscreen or tinted moisturizer at day time

Step 5⇒ If you are applying the vitamin c serum at night, then apply good eye cream and night cream

irem vitamin c serum for face with hyaluronic acid

IREM Vitamin C Serum Review:  One of The Best Drugstore Vitamin C Serum For Face:

Product Description:

You may have heard of the healing effects of a vitamin C serum for the face and skin. And you also may have heard of an effective anti-aging serum made from hyaluronic acid and Ferulic acid. But, now, IREM combined them. IREM Vitamin C Serum is a skin lightening serum. It is an antioxidant serum that moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Red skin, sunburns, and all manner of damage caused by acne can be improved with this vitamin C serum.

One of the best drugstore vitamin c serum for skin lightening, available in the market. Made with the best hyaluronic acid, that works toward making your body produce collagen a necessary protein for skin health. Collagen can help reduce the effects of aging, so if you feel as though your skin is looking a little worn if your skin is chafed, sore, wrinkled, or suffering from the harshness of the sun, then give your skin the cool vitamin c it needs with our face serum.

It moisturizes, heals, creates brighter, toned, radiant skin that you’ll love. It is all the benefits of a hyaluronic acid serum and the healing power of vitamin C in one place.

IREM Vitamin C Serum For Face With Hyaluronic Acid Price: Rs 1500/- (but you can get a huge discount on Amazon)

You Can Buy From Here: Amazon.in

Product Quantity: 30 ml.

Suitable For: Both men and women 

vitamin c serum

Key Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum For Face Of IREM:

When you talk about the benefits of vitamin c serum for face of IREM, then there are endless benefits have. IREM Vitamin C Serum is a unique mix of aloe vera extract, vitamin E, ferulic, hyaluronic acid. These ingredients combine and target skin concerns, including signs of aging, lightening dark spots and restoring skin texture.

My Experience With IREM Vitamin C Serum For Face With Hyaluronic Acid:

Packaging wise, this drugstore vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid is very handy and travels friendly. Very easy to use. The IREM Vitamin C serum comes in a hard paper box. The actual product comes in the box. This vitamin c serum comes in an amber glass bottle with a good quality pump. The pump is secured by a small black color cap.

packaging of irem vitamin c serum for faceThe Smell of the IREM vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid is very mild and that not bother sensitive noses. And the texture of this serum is not liquid nor gel. Its texture is in between. Easily absorbs into the skin and it is a non-sticky face serum and does not look greasy on the skin.

The Texture of the IREM vitamin c face serum with hyaluronic acid is not too runny. Its consistency is in between gel and liquid. And it is white in colour.

texture of irem vitamin c serum for face

My Verdict:

Trying a new product on the face is always a stressful thing because of skin breakouts. But after using the IREM vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid, I do not face any breakouts on my skin. I am using this serum on my dry to combination skin to prevent from harsh weather and dehydration. I am very impressed with the way it worked on my skin. No rash or discomfort ever occurred. In fact, my skin has become deeply hydrated, age spots and fine lines seem to be diminishing day by day.

apply vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid of IREMOnly 2 pumps are enough to cover the whole face. You should apply twice daily to get soft, clear, acne-free, and even-toned skin for at least 1 month. It decreases excess oil secretion from oil glands on the face and gives an oil-free complexion. It is easily absorbed into the skin without any sticky appearance. It feels lightweight on the skin and can be used before applying makeup for hydrating skin.

Pros of the IREM vitamin c serum for face:

  1. Contains vitamin C
  2. Reduces redness
  3. Moisturizes the skin very well. Oily skin people after using this serum can skip the moisturizer
  4. Reduces dark spots (but not sure about hyperpigmentation)
  5. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes and, surrounding the area of the mouth
  6. Quickly absorbed into the skin
  7. Not feel greasy after using it
  8. This serum has no harmful chemical
  9. Safe for all types of skin
  10. A little quantity cover full face
  11. Most affordable drugstore vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid

Cons of the IREM vitamin c serum for face:

  1. It comes in a glass bottle and it is sometimes very risky to carry. There is a chance for breakage of the bottle
  2. Not work on hyperpigmentation
  3. Only available on online

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4/5

My Final word about Irem Vitamin C Serum Review:

Irem is a drugstore Vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It protects skin cells from the cell-damaging effects of free radicals, due to over sun exposure. It also prevents the production of melanin on the skin. Also helps to lighten pigmentation and brown or black spots, along with this, even out the skin tone of the face and gives the skin a clear luminous radiance.

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