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How to Make Serum for Face at Home – DIY Recipe

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Hello everyone!
Today I am going to share with you a skincare related DIY recipe, that is homemade face serum for glowing skin and it suits all skin types.

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First, we will know what is face serum, how its use and benefits of face serum.
Face serums are lightweight, semi-liquid kind of moisturizer that easily penetrate in your skin and give deep nourishment to the skin.
Using face serum makes a huge difference in your skin’s health because using serum regularly can give your skin a firmer, smoother, wrinkle-free, spot-free look. And it also minimizes your pores gradually.
There are lots of face serum are available in the market online & offline both. But maximum good quality serums price is in high range. Many times we step back from buying the high range serum.


DIY Face Serum

Making process of face serum:

To solve this problem, today I came here with an easy DIY (Do it yourself) face serum recipe.


You need just three ingredients:

  1. Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Vitamin E capsule (Evion 400mg) or any Vitamin E Oil and
  3. Rose Water

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This is a very easy process to make this serum at your home. To make this serum, first of all, you need those three ingredients- aloe vera gel, vitamin e capsule or vitamin e oil and rose water. Those ingredients are easily available in the market. Also, you need one clean plastic or glass small airtight container and a clear teaspoon.
First, you take the clean container and teaspoon.

clear container


Then, take one or two teaspoons full of aloe vera gel. If you want then you can take pure aloe vera gel direct from aloe vera plant or any aloe vera gel which is easily available in the market or which one you used. But here I am using Natures Aloe vera Gel.


aloevera gel 1
aloe vera gel

Next, take two vitamin e capsules or vitamin e oil which is easily available for you. Here I am using Evion 400mg Vitamin E capsule. Cut the capsule or make a small hole on it by a pin.


vitamin e capcule

vitamin e casules
vitamin e

Next, add two teaspoons rose water in it.

rose water
rose water

If you have dry skin or in winter if you want you can mix ½ teaspoon glycerin with it.

The last mix it well with the help of the spoon.
That’s it. Your face serum is now ready for use. And you store it in the refrigerator to keep its goodness. This serum you can store in the refrigerator easily for 10 to 12 days. In my suggestion, you do not make a huge quantity. Make it in a small amount and used it within 7 days and store is always in a cool place for best results.

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How to apply this Face Serum?

After cleansing your face you can use it any time in the day or night. But before bedtime, you must use it don’t skip it for better result. Always use upward hand stroke to apply face serum.

how to apply face serum

You can use this serum also as a primer. It protects your skin from harmful chemicals of makeups and gives a smooth surface to apply your foundation and also it makes your makeup last-long and sweatproof.

Benefits of this Serum:

In this serum, we used aloe vera gel, vitamin e and rose water. We all know that all three ingredients are very effective and good for skincare.
Aloe vera Gel has natural healing property. It can be used to reduce sunburn. It is a natural moisturizer and also gives soothing to the skin irritation. Aloe vera gel also can reduce wrinkle and maintain the natural glow of your skin.
Vitamin E has antioxidants properties that renew skin cells and protect your skin from sun damage. Also repair sun damages of skin like sunburn, redness, black spots etc. Vitamin E also a natural moisturizer it moisturizes from deep layers of skin and it protects skin from ageing.
Rose Water has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which repair the sunburn of the skin. And reduces skin irritation. Also, it’s fresh fragrance and healing property gives freshness to your tired face.


diy face serum swatches

diy face serum after application

diy face serum how it works


This face serum absorbs easily in your skin. After applying it in your face you instantly see the difference. Your skin becomes more hydrated and glowy.


diy face serum after application on face

I hope this will be helpful to you. I recommend it to try this. If you try this DIY recipe then definitely tell me your experience, feedback about this face serum. And you can also give me new ideas about DIY skincare.
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