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Deep Cleanse With Recast Peeling Gel Scrub

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Today I came back with another skincare product review. The review is about a face scrub. But this scrub is not like a normal scrub as we usually use. This is a peeling gel scrub. Peeling gel scrub is new for me. The first time I’m using this type scrubbing formula. It is not a normal physical scrubber (scrubbing particle present), it is a chemical scrubber. Physical scrub is a normal scrubber that has lots of scrubbing particles and we can feel it also when using it.

Besides that, Chemical scrubber or peeling gel scrub is made by fruit enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells and also do deep cleanse of the skin. In Korean skincare, peeling gel scrub is one of the major processes fr their crystal clear skin. Today I am reviewing Recast Aqua Radiance Deep Cleansing Gel. Keep on reading for the detailed review of this innovatively formulated chemical scrubber.

Recast is an Austrelia based skincare brand. But in India there products only available in online.

Detail Description of Recast Acqua Radiance Deep Cleansing Gel Scrubber:

This high performance peeling gel visibly rolls lifts and sweeps away dead skin cells to uncover a smoother complexion. Formulated with a blend of actives which help to decongest the skin by slowly dissolving dead surface skin cells without drying, irritating or causing undue stress to the skin.

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Key Features Of this Peeling Gel Scrub:

  1. It has a very unique Korean peeling gel formula
  2. This scrub dissolves dead skin cells and gently removes dirt
  3. Cleanse pores very deeply
  4. You can get instant visibly brighten face from the first use
  5. It also improves

Price: 699/-for 200 ml of product (but you can get a discount when you purchase online). I bought this at 299/- only.

Buying Link: Amazon

Availability: In India, it is only available online.

How to Use This Recast Peeling Gel Scrub:

Step 1: After cleansing applies the right amount of product on dry face.

Step 2: Spread it evenly

Step 3: Wait for 1 to 2 minutes

Step 4: After that massage it gently and you can see the peeling of the skin

Step 5: Wash it with lukewarm water

recast peeling gel scrub

My Actual Experience With Recast Aqua Radiance Deep Cleansing Gel:

Packaging: This unique peeling gel comes in a pump bottle is black and all product information is written on the bottle. The pump has a lock system. But I feel this type of lock packaging is not safe for travel. There is a chance of product leakage. Otherwise, I love this type of pump packaging because it is very hygienic and easy to use.

Texture: This is a gel-based product. But not a clear gel and its consistency are not runny nor thick, in between. When you rub it gently on your skin, the gel becomes whitish scrub like soft peeling residue.

Smell: Recast Deep Cleansing Gel has a strong tangy lemon smell. But this smell does not stay long. I love this type of lemony smell.

packaging of recast gel scrub

Overall Opinion About This Recast Deep Cleansing Gel:

For me, this Korean skincare formula (peeling gel scrub) is very unique. It removes not only dead skin cells, but it also cleanses pores deeply and takes away all dirt, pollution. From the first use, you can feel the difference. I was surprised to see the result of this chemical scrub. After using it my face looks fresh, clean and bright.

After using it my face looks very clean and also improves my skin texture. It also removes black patches but not overnight. If you use a regular basis then you can see the actual result of this peeling scrub. I would recommend this product to everyone.

texture of recast gel scrub

For oily skin, this peeling gel scrub is a blessing. It removes dirt, oil properly. And it suits men and women both. For my dry skin, it also works well. But in winter my skin became a bit dry after using it. For me It’ best for the summer season. This type of scrub is also best for sensitive skin because it does not have any harsh scrubbing particles.

Pros of Recast Aqua Radiance Deep Cleansing Gel:

  1. Very unique gel-scrub (peeling formula)
  2. Gives deep clean
  3. Korean beauty skincare rituals product
  4. Gently removes dirt, pollution, oil and also light make up
  5. Dissolve dead skin cells and makes skin bright
  6. Gives you an instant fresh smooth face

Cons of Recast Aqua Radiance Deep Cleansing Gel:

  1. Not suits very dry skin
  2. In Indian only available online

before and after effect

PrettifyOurself Rating: 4.2/5

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