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Best 5 Organic Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin in India Under 300 Rupees

5 best plant based baby wipes in India under 300 rupees

Today I mention the 5 best Plant Based Baby Wipes for sensitive skin are available in India. Baby wipes are the last word must-have product. If you’re a mama of an infant or a toddler then it’s most essential for cleaning dirty hands, faces, and in fact, bums during diaper changes or after the poop.

But within the market, there are many brands are available. Then how should I do know which is best for our child and also which in our budget!!!! We all know that such decisions could seem overwhelming for Mama, so here is that the list of the 5 best natural plant based baby wipes.

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What should be searched for when buying baby wipes for sensitive skin of a baby?

  • Ingredients: We all need a wipe with ingredients that nourish our baby’s skin. As a mother, we always like better to choose the natural and organic product like burn plant, water, glycerine, natural oil, etc. for our baby. Especially when it involves any skin-related product. #babywipes should be Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically tested, Soap-free, Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and also pH balanced.
  • Scented or Unscented: Until you realize that your baby doesn’t have any sensitivity problem with fragrance or any scented product, it’s best to start out with #unscentedwipes.
  • Thickness: Thick wipes are good to wash your baby well. Because nobody wants to use baby wipes, what you’re wiping is beginning directly into your hands, especially during this pandemic time.
  • Quantity: Considering how often you employ baby wipes. Always it’s an honest idea to settle on quality over worth.
  • Fabric: Mother Sparsh baby water wipes are 100% viscose super soft fabric and it’s 100% biodegradable. That’s great for also our surroundings. Another interesting thing is that this fabric is extremely smooth, breathable, and highly absorbent unless synthetic fabric irritates the baby’s skin.

5 best plant based baby wipes in India under 300 rupees

Best 5 Plant Based Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin In India:

  1. Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure aquatic plant Based Baby Wipes (72 Pcs):

#MotherSparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes are specially created for babies with normal to sensitive skin. The wipes are made from Plant-Based Medical Grade Cloth and water. Mother Sparsh 99% #UnscentedPureWaterBabyWipes are unscented with super soft fabric which is 3 times thicker than the standard baby wipes.

These wipes are dermatologically tested & clinically examined for infections and rashes. Being 100% biodegradable and skin-friendly, they’re safe to be used on babies from birth itself. As babies have the habit of putting their dirty hands within the mouth, these wipes can thoroughly clean their hands of dirt naturally without exposing them to chemicals.

mother sprash plant based baby wipes for sensitive skin

Price: 299/- for 72 wipes

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  1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes:

Key ingredients are lotus and burn plant that keeps baby’s skin silky soft and maintains skin moisture level. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes are often used for wiping the face, hands, bottom, armpits, and feet. It also restores the pH balance of your baby’s skin. It’s a really mild flowery fragrance. It’s great for sensitive skin also. Also paraben, alcohol, silicone-free.

Price: 175/- for 72 wipes

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  1. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes:

Recommended by dermatologists, Little’s Baby Wipes are great for mamas and babies. The wipes are untouched by hands and hygienically packed and are available with an additional thick layer that’s ideal for wiping a bigger area with just one tissue. The extracts of burn plant, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil keep the baby’s skin moisturized and soft. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes are paraben-free and made from natural ingredients.

Price: 199/- for 80 wipes

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  1. Pampers Baby Gentle Wet Wipes with burn plant, 72 Wipes:

New Pampers baby wipes with aloe which has the goodness of lotion with burn plant to guard against skin rashes & redness. Containing 97% pure water, Pampers wipes provide mild cleaning for the baby’s supple skin. Pampers wipes are safe as they’re paraben-free and infused with vitamin-e. They assist restore the natural pH of your baby’s skin, keeping it healthy and nourished. Pampers wipes are thick, soft, and powerful, ensuring an ideal, gentle cleaning for the baby’s skin. Lastly, the wipes accompany a refreshing mild fragrance that you simply and your baby will surely love. Wet wipes, tissues, with lid.

Price: 199/- for 72 wipes

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  1. Mamaearth Bamboo Based Baby Wipes:

It is India’s first organic bamboo-based fiber baby wipes. The packaging comes with an additional protective covering over the hygiene seal. It’s hydrating and skin-friendly ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, expressed almond oil which gently nourishes the baby’s skin while cleansing. It’s a really light, pleasant citrus fragrance. it’s free from alcohol, silicone, artificial fragrance, paraben, etc.

Price: 249/- for 72 wipes

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Why do I like to recommend Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure water wipes?

Key Features:
  1. Mother Sparsh is India’s first #purewaterbabywipes
  2. It is 99% #unscentedbabywipes
  3. 3 times Thicker & Prolonged Wetness
  4. This cottony cloth/fabric makes this baby wipes gentle to the foremost sensitive part of the baby
  5. Water-based formula added with cottony soft fabric to supply a mild touch to baby’s skin like cotton & water.
  6. Soothes irritation, rashes & cleans well for utmost hygiene health.
  7. With moisture Lock Lid packaging
  8. Mother Sparsh wipes have thick natural sheets for complete comfortable cleaning in one go.
  9. Mother Sparsh pure water wipes do their bit for the environment – A natural and 100% Biodegradable Wipes

I am a mother of two years old toddlers and that I always find something natural, organic, and safe for my baby’s delicate skin. During this journey, I even have tried many baby wipes and my latest find is Mother Sparsh 99% Pure aquatic plant Based baby wipes. Must say it’s awesome.

mother sprash plant based baby wipes

Baby Wipes Uses In Various Ways:

Baby wipes for adults…say what?! Every home needs a packet of those multi-purpose wipes in their cupboard, whether you’ve got a baby or not! The uses are endless and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without them.

  • Baby wipes are great for removing eye makeup
  • Get rid of hair dye stains
  • Baby wipes make a great toilet paper substitute
  • Removing stains from the palms of your hands.
  •  Wipe dust off the mirror, shoes, etc
  • Quick fix cleaning
  • Clean grubby light switches
  • Clean the outside of any home appliances
  • Clean your kids plastic toys
  • Remove makeup from clothes
  • Sanitize those germ-ridden public spots
  • Baby wipes are essential during hot summer months to remove excess sebum, sweat from the face
  • Reuse as dusting cloths

mother sprash water baby wipes

Can we use baby wipes to remove makeup! And the answer is a big YES… Maybe beauty purists might recoil in horror at the thought of cleansing skin with a wipe, but they’re fine for makeup removing. If you’re in a hurry or feeling lazy, they’re going to quickly dissolve stubborn mascara and foundation or lipstick in seconds and are kinder to sensitive skin than cheaper cleansers. They’re also tons cheaper than most ‘beauty wipes’ found within the skincare aisle.

Baby wipes are something that we use in anything from cleaning a baby’s face to after the diaper change to get rid of our makeup also. Yes, we mommies also are using baby wipes to get rid of our makeup or just cleansing our face or hand. So we should always choose that baby wipes that cause no harm to our skin also.

Hope you discover this post helpful.

Thanks for reading!!!




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