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Why You Choose Aromanna Naturals Skin Cream For Dry Skin

Aromanna Naturals Face Balm For Dry Skin

In winter we experience dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Cold air decreases our skin moisture. Taking hot showers also make the skin drier. To maintain skin hydration and to lock them, we need something extra. Face balm for dry skin is that which gives proper hydration, nourishment to the dry, dehydrated skin.

Now the question is, What is Facial Balm, and How it is different from normal moisturizer or cold cream or facial oil. Here is the answer:

What Is Face Balm?

Face balms are solidified oil that melts into the liquid when they come into contact with the warmth of our skin. Unlike moisturizers, they do not contain water. Face balm is used to moisturize the facial skin.
Aromanna Naturals Face Balm

Difference Between Balm and Moisturizer:

In general, the difference between a balm and a moisturizer is its consistency and thickness. A balm is usually oil-based, thick and a moisturizer is lightweight, water-based, and lower oil content than the face balm.

And to moisturize your whole face you need a balm worth about half a pea. This is the last stage of your skincare regime. Face balm gives extra nourishment and heals the skin.

Here are 5 reasons why your skin needs a skin balm:

  1. For the treatment of dry skin, no moisturizer is sufficient to provide adequate moisture and protection from the seasonal chilled weather and dryness. The only savior is face balm for dry skin.
  2. Its ultra-hydrating formula gives extra nourishment to the skin.
  3. When you sleep at night, then your skin’s natural healing process started. And the ingredients of the face balm absorb deeper into the skin and gives you nourished, dewy skin.
  4. Its rich moisture, repairs the chronic dryness area also, like- elbows, knees, and hands.
  5. It works as a skin barrier. Face balm also gives protection from windburn.

aromanna naturals skin balm for dry skin

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Aromanna Naturals Face Balm For Dry Skin:

A few days back Aromanna natural send me some of their products and skin balm is one of them. Usually, some big renowned company makes this type of face balm. But when I saw a small homegrown brand that also makes this in an affordable price range, I am really impressed by that.

Aromanna Naturals is a new homegrown Indian skincare brand and they use all the best quality organic, natural, and ayurvedic ingredients and traditional and conventional producers across India, especially from higher Himalayans and tribal regions for their products.

skin balm for dry skin

Price: 449/-

You can buy from here:

Shelf Life: 1 year

price of aromanna naturals herbo skin balm

What Aromanna Naturals Claims About This Skin Cream For Dry Skin:

This is a wonderful Skin Balm for dry skins during winters, it may help-

  • To rejuvenate & even tone the skin
  • To hydrate the skin,
  • To carefully clear the dark spots


Key Ingredients: The skin balm is made with luxurious herbal ingredients such as Saffron, Rose Petals Powder, Haldi Powder, Cow Ghee, etc.

**Natural Herbal formulations tend to change colour over time. However, product efficiency remains unchanged.

ingridents of aromanna naturals skin cream for dry skin

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My Verdict About Aromanna Naturals Skin Cream For Dry Skin:

First of all the packaging of the skin balm is nice, It is a basic easy-to-use packaging, nothing special or annoying. It comes in a plastic tub which secures by two plastic lids. All information about the product written on the container.

The texture of this face balm is so thick and creamy, just like butter. However, it melts in body heat. This balm has a fragrance similar to many herbal, ayurvedic cream and it has a quite strong smell. Personally, I do not like the strong smell of my skincare products. But after some time it fades out.

Usually, I apply this skin cream at night on my face and neck, but I like to use this skin balm twice on my hands, elbows, lips, and knees especially in the winter. After cleansing and toning, I use the Aromanna Naturals face balm on my damp face and gently press into the skin. The face balm melts in your hands so you don’t need to apply too much  Just a pea-size amount is enough to spread on the entire face and neck. It applies well and absorbs quite fast.

aromanna naturals face balm review

Remember, it can take time to get used to the texture and consistency of the cream, but eventually, you will get great results. And of course, please don’t ever apply this on dry skin, always apply this cream on a freshly washed face where there’s a little dampness to the skin. Otherwise, this will just sit on top of your skin, without providing many benefits.

The Aromanna Naturals skin cream makes the skin healthier and moisturizes the skin, but instead, it has no drastic changes or effects on my skin. But I wake up to well-hydrated skin in the morning. I can see my skin texture improving. It is thick so it might not be for everyone, but I love it.

Key Benefits-

  • Suitable for dry skin only.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes skin to keep soft and supple.
  • Tones and improves skin firmness.
  • Free from chemicals & parabens.
  • Uses organic and natural ingredients.
  • 100% natural.
  • Silicone, SLS, and Paraben free.
  • Cruelty-free.

Tips: The Aromanna Naturals skin cream is an oil-based product. That is why this is maybe not suitable for oily or acne-prone skin.

skin balm for dry skin of aromanna naturals

Overall Thoughts Of The Aromanna Naturals Face Balm For Dry Flaky Skin:

Where would you go if your lips become dry, or cracked? Lip balm, of course. Now, you can do it for your skin too. Balm textured skincare products are very trending in recent times. From Sephora to Net-a-Porter to Forest Essentials every beauty and skincare brand using balm-like textures for intensive skincare in their products. And Aromanna Naturals take a great initiative to make this face balm for dry skin at an absolutely reasonable price.

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