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*New* Parachute Advansed Coconut Cream Oil For Hair II Review

parachute coconut cream oil for hair

A few days back Parachute launched their *new* product and they claim that is advance modern-day hair care solution. The product is Parachute Advanced Coconut Cream Oil. We all habituated with the normal coconut hair oil for “chumpi” (massage hair and scalp with oil). But sometimes we do not have that much of time to pamper our hair in our busy day to day life.

We all know that coconut is very good for our hair. Normally maximum of us use normal coconut hair oil. But coconut cream also very beneficial for our hair. Parachute came up with their new coconut cream oil for hair. That is oil in cream form. In this coconut oil and coconut cream blend and gives us double nourishment. This is the new concept by Parachute for nourishment and oiling of hair in today’s busy life. If you want to know more info about this new coconut cream oil then keep reading this full review.

coconut cream oil for hair
parachute coconut cream oil for hair

Key Features of New Parachute Advansed Coconut Cream Oil For Hair:

  1. 100% nourishment in just 30 minutes. You do not need oiling your hair for a long time.
  2. This cream oil for hair gives much more nourishment than normal coconut oil.
  3. It washed off easily in just one shampoo wash.
  4. It has a very refreshing fragrance.
  5. Light velvety texture that leaves no oil stains on cloth. It just like a hair cream.
  6. It also works very well on coloured and treated hair.
parachute coconut cream oil for hair
coconut cream oil for hair

Description of Parachute Cream Oil For Hair In Detail:

Q1. What is this coconut cream oil?

Ans: It is a hair oil but in cream form. You can say it also a pre-wash hair nourisher. This cream oil of Parachute blends the softness of Coconut Milk and strength of Coconut Oil.

Q2. What does Parachute Advansed Coconut Cream Oil do?

Ans: Coconut cream oil is so easy and convenient to use that it gives 100% nourishment to the hair in just 30 minutes and makes hair super soft as well as also strong.

Q3. How does it feel?

Ans: It is very light, non-sticky, easily absorbed into the scalp.

price of parachute advansed coconut cream oil for hair

Price of Parachute Advansed Coconut Cream Oil for Hair: ₹ 120 for 150 ml of product

You Can Buy From Here:, Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart

Cream Oil Ingredients: This cream oil’s key ingredients are coconut oil and coconut cream.

ingredients of parachute cream oil

How To Use: 

Step 1 Pump Take about 3-5 pumps of Cream Oil for my medium length hair.

Step 2 Apply & leave-in⇒  Massage the Cream Oil into your scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Leave it in for 30 minutes.

Step 3⇒ Wash Off⇒ Wash your hair with shampoo as you normally would. Coconut cream oil washes off easily in just 1 wash. When using this, you can skip conditioner since the Coconut Cream Oil for Hair will keep hair well-nourished.

What Parachute Claimed about this Cream Oil for Hair? 

With so many environmental factors affecting your hair, you need to keep it nourished. While shampooing cleanses your scalp and hair, it could also strip it off the essential nutrients. To ensure that your hair gets maximum nourishment, you can use this cream oil for hair before every hair wash.

Get soft and strong hair with Parachute Advanced Cream Oil. A new age pre-wash nourisher and this makes oiling super convenient and easy to do. It gives you all nourishment your hair needs in just 30 minutes. it washes off easily in just one shampoo wash.

parachute advanced cream oil

My Actual Experience With This Parachute Coconut Cream Oil For Hair:

Packaging of this Cream Oil for hair comes in a white colour pump nozzle bottle. But there is no lock system in the pump. That’s why it’s not travel-friendly packaging. All description including the price of the product is mentioned on the bottle.

packaging of parachute cream oil for hair

First of all, I attracted first with its formula and that is cream oil or you can say oil in cream form. Normally I used Parachute’s normal coconut hair oil. But this coconut cream oil for hair is very unique in the formula. That is cream-based oil. It looks like hair cream but it not too thick or too runny, it is in between. In this cream oil has coconut oil but it very non-sticky and that’s why it makes hair light and smooth and natural coconut cream gives nourishment. And also improves the health of hair. For me, this coconut cream oil for hair of Parachute Advansed is a total win-win product. I just loved its refreshing mild smell.

texture of parachute cream oilfor hair
parachute cream oil for hair

Must Read (

cream oil

For my medium length hair, a 3-4 pump is enough. Have just used four to five times and it has already started making me feel beautiful. My hair is dry lengthwise but the scalp is oily and in summer and monsoon, the scalp becomes more oily. This coconut cream oil is work very well with my this type of hair. As I have combination skin that’s why in hot and humid weather my T-zone became very oily. But this Parachute Cream Oil worked great on my hair. It does not make my face oily. And it really washes off in one wash.

Sometimes I leave this Parachute Advansed Coconut Cream Oil overnight and washed it next morning. My hair became so soft and smooth. In monsoon, my hair becomes more frizzy and dry. And this cream oil solves this har problem very well. Also, it is great for colour treated hair. You can use it just like as normal coconut oil. It is highly recommended just go and try it.

Pros & Cons Of Parachute Coconut Cream Oil:


  1. Easily available
  2. That gives the hair nourishment without stickiness
  3. The fragrance is very good
  4. Its non-oily cream formula is very unique
  5. Non-sticky and non-grassy
  6. Washes off in one wash
  7. Just in 30 mins, you can get oil like nourishment
  8. It deeply penetrates on the scalp than normal coconut oil


  1. It has parabens
  2. Not seeing much effect on frizz control
  3. Its effect does not last more than 2 days
cream oil forhair
Parachute cream oil for hair

Prettifyourself Rating: 4.1/5

Overall, It’s nice for our busy lifestyle. Just apply 30 minutes before doing shampoo and it gives you all goodness of oil without making your face oily and that is great for me. In my opinion Parachute Advansed Coconut Cream Oil for Hair is the best replacement of normal coconut hair oil for daily hair care.

Let me know in the comment section below if you tried this Parachute coconut cream oil for hair and what about your experience with this.

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